Islam and Science Fiction Anthology of Short Stories


Salaam everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been meaning to share this, but kept putting it off due to other commitments. Back in August, a really awesome anthology of science fiction short stories was put together by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad over at Islam and Science Fiction. As described on the site, the anthology is “centered around Science Fiction with Muslim characters or Islamic cultures.” The term “Islamicate” refers to the “cultural output of predominantly Islamic culture or polity” and is “similar to the term West as it encompasses a whole range of cultures, ethnicities and schools of thought with shared historical experience.”

The anthology contains a total of 12 short stories, one of which was written by me. I felt like I could have expanded on my story if I gave myself more time to write it, but I’m glad to be part of an anthology like this. Something I always appreciated about science fiction is how it is often filled with social and political commentary, and I thought it was important for me to directly address Islamophobia in my short story. While most of my creative energy has been focused on my independent feature film, it was nice to revisit my passion for writing short stories, especially science fiction. It’s also exciting that the anthology was featured on i09,, and The Arab Weekly!

You can read and download the complete anthology by following this link. Insha’Allah I’ll return soon with more blog posts!