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  1. Your blog is unbelievably thought-provoking! I’m one of the weird non-Muslims fascinated by the culture that Islam has inspired — architecture, poems, fashion, and obviously people like you. Where are your films? Or a profile piece on you? Also, as a sidenote, the current Granta issue is all about Pakistan!
    Mind-blowing good read. I hope you keep it up.

    1. I’m sorry for the late reply! I didn’t know I didn’t respond to your message yet. I will have more of my work online soon (currently working on a project right now), but thank you for your interest and kind words!

      Thanks for the link! I will definitely check it out. 🙂

  2. I was given your article “Jesus was a Palestinian” and found it very interesting. In terms of western art, however, while it is true that Jesus has been portrayed as appearing more European than Middle Eastern, there are very few depictions of Jesus as blonde. He is usually depicted as having brown hair. If you look at Caravaggio’s painting of Jesus’at Emmaus he is very middle eastern looking. The Orthodox icons all depict him with black hair. Artists from other cultures and races have also depicted him in those terms as well.
    It is true that Islamaphobia is unfortunate but I don’t think we can blame it on the great art of the past or present. I was pleased you mentioned the minority Palestinian Christians that are indeed overlooked.

    A website you may find interesting is “Jesus in Art through the centuries”.

    Heather Luccock

    1. Hi Heather,

      Thanks for sharing your insight about Jesus’ hair color, but if it were only about hair color, then I probably wouldn’t have written my piece. Whether Jesus has blonde, black, or brown hair, he is still depicted as a white man in the west. That whiteness has been used to reinforce white supremacist ideologies, racism, colonialism, oppression against people of color, etc. The discriminatory acts and hate crimes committed against Middle Easterners (and those perceived to be Middle Eastern/Muslim) represent the demonization that needs to be challenged in our society.

  3. Hello
    I read your article “Jesus was Palestinian and why it matters” on Maan News today. I want to compliment you on your writing and the issues you raise. You wrote an interesting and thought provoking piece. I would like to draw your attention to the following website and in particular a photo journal featuring the visit to Ireland of 3 Arab Palestinian Christians you will see that in my country, at least, the Arab Palestinian Christian heritage is recognised and appreciated as an intrinsic part of the Palestinian Culture.
    Kind regards
    Alan Lonergan

    1. Hello Alan,

      Thank you for your kind comment! I really appreciate your support! Thanks for sharing those links and drawing my attention to something I didn’t know much about! It’s wonderful to hear that the Palestinian Christian heritage is celebrated in Ireland. 🙂

  4. I recently read one of your articles published in the online edition of Fantasy Magazine.
    ( So smart. I really enjoyed it. Now I am curious about you and your work. I am a textbook editor for a college publisher in Boston, Massachusetts. Do you hold the copyright on that article? And if so, would you be interested in allowing us to reprint it in one of our books?
    Thank you,
    Ellen Thibault

  5. Hi,
    I came across your blog today and read so many of your entries which felt like a relief after reading mainstream news and the like. I loved the post about the flying carpet fallacy because how many of us haven’t really faced this at some point or the other! What a great phrase!
    Great to discover this brilliant blog! Keep up the excellent work!

  6. A great article I am a Muslim and I was racially abused at my work place for many times. I shouldn’t say like this may be but white racists are very intelligent they didn’t do it directly but they encouraged my fellow Hindu brothers from India to abuse me. What can I do in that situation. I kept quite after some time I left the job as I am contracted there through an Indian company. Of course my company don’t like to destroy its client relationship. The another reason for my abuse is as am on just work permit (H1) Visa. We Indians normally don’t get Green Card up to 10 years. As I don’t have Green Card I usually end up with an Indian company where this type of complaints would not be considered much serious. I just cried when my Hindu colleague was using abusive words about Prophet Mohammad (Sallellahu Alaihuwa Sallem). Like f*** him f*** Islam etc. From that day I decided not to say wrong about USA but say wrong about the Arab countries who support massively America by supporting Petro-Dollar, Specially Saudi Arabia, Americans don’t know that how much the Petro Dollar worth for their economy. Muslim countries are supporting their very much need to be in Super Power position. Still Americans hate Muslims. After few days this incident happened I sent my family and kids back home. Now I am also thinking to go and settle in any peaceful Muslim country like Malaysia or Turkey after saving some money.

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