29 thoughts on “leftfailpatriarchy

  1. Is this photo comment some inside joke? What does food, Occupy and exercise have to do with sexism and patriarchy? The implication is that all people from Occupy are liberals and all liberals are sexist. Both blanketed implications are wrong.

    1. The photo is from #LeftFail, which critiques the hypocrisies within Leftist spaces (link is at the bottom of the post). There is no such thing as “reverse sexism,” and accusing the critique as making “blanketed implications” about liberals is distracting and an attempt to derail from the serious problem of sexism, misogyny, and other forms of oppression within Leftist spaces. The photo is highlighting on the excuses that male activists use to “prove” that they are not sexist – as if being leftists or attending a patriarchy workshop will “magically erase” their sexism. The point here is that being an ally is a process and something that we need to continuously work on every day.

      I’m letting your comment go through, but please review my comment policy. Accusations of “reverse sexism” (or “reverse racism”) are absurd and will not be tolerated here. Plenty of amazing writers, bloggers, activists, scholars, and individuals have already debunked those false assertions.

      1. That’s right Mast Qalander. There is no such thing as reverse sexism. Sexism applies to all individuals, therefore a word like reverse is redundant. In fact, anyone can be a sexist, even women. Reverse racism is an equally inaccurate term. Racism is a term that applies to structural and institutional oppression of minorities. Racism takes place in the judicial and legislative bodies. Racial profiling, harsh sentencing, and austerity laws are all examples of racism. Racism also takes place heavily in the media in terms of the way they portray minorities to the public. Racism has nothing to do with interpersonal relationships. That is referred to as prejudice. Prejudice is a term that to applies to all people. Anyone can be prejudiced.

    1. Huh? I don’t understand how you don’t understand. I’m don’t do cyclical arguments here.

      The real question you need to ask yourself is, why does this picture bother you?

      1. I understand that “The photo is highlighting on the excuses that male activists use to “prove” that they are not sexist – as if being leftists or attending a patriarchy workshop will “magically erase” their sexism. The point here is that being an ally is a process and something that we need to continuously work on every day.” However, at least for myself, the image doesn’t seem to match with the statement that was put on it. Are these just two nameless people unfortunate enough to be in picture used to make this very valid point or is there something inherently sexist in the photo that I’m clueless about?

      2. Wow, what is up with men taking issue with this photo? You’re kidding, right? It’s from #LeftFail, which is what you and the other men on this thread are doing. If you don’t understand it, then I don’t know what to tell you.

  2. Interesting that one of the same people is used in an image attacking hypocritical ‘nonviolent’ protesters and yet there is nothing in the image that suggests that person actually does that.


    I don’t think it is asking much that valid points are accompanied with legitimate supporting images. Simply stated the text should connect with the picture. If being unable to do that isn’t a fail than clearly I don’t understand the word.

    1. I have never seen people focus so much on this image before. You clearly don’t understand fail, I agree with you there. Because what you’re doing is deflecting attention away from the content of the post and instead, trying to scrutinize about this picture. It’s a MEME. It’s highlighting on hypocrisies. Demanding that a picture “show sexism” is just as problematic because it reinforces the idea that sexism is something that needs to be seen. What’s next, are you going to look at my posts on Islamophobia and ask “Where is the Islamophobia here? Why doesn’t the content match the picture?”

      You’ve lost your privilege to comment here.

      1. [Not sure if you comment applies to me as well; that is why I want to answer to this]
        Yeah, you’re absolutely right that it is quite a common phenomenon that ‘men’ in leftist space are abusive. And confronted with that they can give you an ongoing monologue that they’ve read some feminist texts, maybe even went to a workshop. And they went to the workshop and maybe even heard what was talked about, but they did not figure out – or even cared about – how to apply these things in their own lives. “Sexism, yeah, that’s a bad thing. And all the bad men do that. But I belong to the good guys – because I have defined myself this way – so I don’t have to question my own behaviour.” All this happens, and it’s problematic and you wrote a good text about this.
        Still I have a problem with just two guys which are completely unknown to me to be accused of sexism. Are they prominent persons in a certain scene? Did they act sexist? This would help me to understand why this image was chosen. Or is this picture meant as a general symbol of “leftist male activist”? A least, then I would get the intent of this image.
        But then I would have preferred some more abstract picture or masked male. Because here you see two quite identifiable persons and the image seems to focus on them personally than on a general phenomenon in leftist spaces.

      2. This is the last comment I’m writing in response to this. Because this is getting absurd. Are you going to look at my post “Debunking the ‘Islam is Not a Race’ argument” and start interrogating me with questions like, “How is this picture connected with the content? Where is the Islamophobia in this picture? How is the man in this photo debunking an argument?”

        You answered your own question in your comment. What is this post about? Men on the left refusing to see their sexism. What is the picture showing? MALE activists and a message highlighting on the simplistic, sexist logic that many men unfortunately have. The bell hooks quote in my post talks about how all men perpetuate and participate in sexist oppression in one form or another. You understand what male privilege is, right? If so, then you’ll understand how problematic you’re being by centering this conversation on how men in this image are showing sexism. Why do these men need to be known? Have you seen memes about male privilege? Or white male privilege? They use random images of white men to create those memes – why do these men need to be known? Patriarchy is so embedded and normalized in our society – why do you need to put a “known” person’s face to it? This image, like those other memes, is speaking out against sexist and patriarchal logic, and how pervasive it is.

        Why is this so hard to understand?

  3. Okay, now I get it why you chose a picture of that style. I still have a reserved stance about that but thank you for your explanation.

  4. Mast, I actually agree with the things you’ve said on this page, but there is no reason for you to put so much anger into your argument. This is part of why so little gets resolved when getting into the nit-picky details of the left: someone asks an innocent question and the person with the answer turns into the demon child from the Exorcist. “RAH! RAH RAH! F* You” Don’t be a dick, Mast.

      1. Resorting to violent comments now? Let’s see how outraged other men on this thread get about how you want me dead. I receive death threats (and comments about how people want Muslims slaughtered) all the time on this blog.

        You want to me to die because of.. a picture? Because you’re threatened by it? You should be ashamed of yourself.

      2. Are you seriously this stupid? People ask you about why you chose the picture and you whine about the caption. Nobody was talking about the caption, they were asking about the people the caption implied were sexists. People you call you out on being needlessly defensive and idiotic and you whine about tone arguments.

        I’m not mad about the picture, I’m mad that you can’t understand basic English. The movement would be better off if people like you removed themselves from it with bullets.

      3. Whoa, what right do you have to talk about a movement after making violent comments towards me? What is “progressive” about telling someone to “hang themselves” or “shoot themselves.” I responded to absurd comments about this picture and pointed out that these comments divert attention away from the content. YOU are responding with violent insults and saying that I should be dead. Who is over-reacting here again? What is the matter with you? You disagree with someone and then, what, you’re going to kill them just because they stand by their arguments? You’re going to get all hyper-masculine and put on your “tough guise” and threaten me? Why, because the picture is calling men out on sexism and patriarchy? You come here and sign off with childish names like “mast fucks goats” and expect me to seriously have a conversation with you? Don’t you see how you are behaving EXACTLY like the oppressors? If you didn’t say you were in the movement, I’d assume that you were just another right-wing sexist, racist Islamophobe. Your comment represents yet another example of how there ARE racists and misogynists within the movement.

        You’re ticked off over a picture that challenges and critiques patriarchy within leftist spaces? And now you’re telling the author to kill himself? How dare you identify with anything “progressive.” You want me DEAD, just like all the other racist Islamophobes who issue death threats against me on this blog – how can you expect there to be a discussion? Is that what you believe the movement is about – killing people you don’t agree with? You represent the DANGER that so many women have been speaking about in the other posts I cited with regard to misogyny within leftist spaces. Whether or not you are an informant, you are behaving like one. You are behaving like a violent white supremacist, heteropatriachal jerk.

        Your violent comments and desire to see me dead are disturbing. All because of a picture that is challenging sexism. You need to check yourself. You need to ask yourself why you’re making these violent comments and reacting this way towards me and making racialized insults. Ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish in whatever movement you’re part of. Because right now, you sound like a member of the KKK.

  5. honestly though, the image does seem to be intended to be a one fingered solute to the liberal pseudo-feminist community. I myself pretty much didnt give this article the time of day untill someone else demanded that i read it, and even then the picture tainted the experience and put me in a defensive head space that i got pretty confused about while reading the article. ultimately i feel that this particular image acts more to detract from the very valid points you are making. often times you can catch more flies with honey than you can with sugar, and while you have wonderful ideas to share, leading with an insult will generally lead to limiting the strength of your own voice.

    1. LOL. You’re more angry at this picture than sexism and misogyny within leftist groups. I’m the one who has told to “hang myself” and “shoot myself,” yet I’m the one “leading with an insult”?

      Comforting to know where people’s priorities are.

      1. We are just saying you chose a bad pic and this has distracted (most obviously) from your central point. In essence next time refine your technique and then we will all be here talking about the statement and not the image.

      2. What I find utterly shameful is how this picture bothers you and the other people (mostly men) on this thread MORE than the image I talked about in my post. That is, the image of the male “activist” who took an invasive, zoomed-in photo of a woman’s body and then posted it publicly on Facebook so that he and his perverted friends could objectify her. Not one of you complaining about this picture have said a word about that. Not one of you have expressed outrage about that or about misogyny within leftist spaces. Instead, you are trying to shift the focus away from the main issue here and make this about a picture that, according to you, “doesn’t show oppression.”

        And shame on you for speaking about “Islamic oppression” (in your other comment, which I have deleted). Look on this thread and look at the borderline death threats I’m receiving. You don’t say ONE WORD about that, but would rather continue whining about this picture. Because your disagreement with this picture is more important to you than sexist oppression and the life of a Muslim.

        Your silence on the racist and violent comments I’ve been receiving is COMPLICITY.

  6. Mast Qalander is clearly a fucking moron. Also clearly a hypocrite in regards to his social consciousness because it is apparent that those individuals in the photograph did not give their permission to be degraded publicly for purposes of creating a stupid internet “meme”.

    1. And your sexism is showing because this image is more threatening and disturbing to you than the image I talked about in my post – the image of the invasive, zoomed-in photo of a woman’s body that a male “activist” took and shared publicly on Facebook. Where is your outrage about that? Or is sexual objectification not upsetting to you?

      Clearly, you don’t value my life either since you are SILENT about the comments here that are telling me to go “hang myself” and “shoot myself.”

  7. It will be interesting to see if my last comment even gets posted. Most likely it will be censored because you can’t handle the criticism.

    1. LOL yeah, I can’t handle criticism. That’s why I’ve been responding to the comments here. I’ve even let borderline death threats against me go through. But you’re silent about that. Silence is complicity.

  8. Dude people are talking about the picture because they don’t know what it’s supposed to signify. I scrolled down to the comments to figure it out and one guy asked for clarification and you responded by saying “I don’t understand how you don’t understand” and somehow accusing people of sexism because they discussed a thing that confused them rather than the article. ???

    Of course they’re going to ask about it, and being condescending and abrasive because someone doesn’t get the context of the thing you posted does not help anything, it’s just frustrating.

    1. You scrolled down to the comments and the thing that “frustrated” and offended you the most was my reply, not the death threat that was made against me or, you know, all of the misogyny I described in the post?

      I’m sorry you’re frustrated. That must be hard.

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