Lovers on a honeymoon,
full of life and celebration,
smiles in new bloom.

Sad hearts journeying
to a dear one’s funeral,
open arms awaiting.

A younger brother hopeful
for the job interview ahead,
a bright future on the horizon.

A flight carrying 152 stories,
passengers, attendants, pilots,
human beings like you and me.

Dreams, hopes, and reunions,
all terribly lost
in a tragedy I will not describe.

Family, friends, Loved ones
mourning in agony
while the rest of the world moves on.

Your suffering, we cannot understand,
but here, some strangers across the ocean
are weeping and praying for your sorrows.

May Angels attend to your broken hearts,
hug you at night, kiss away your tears,
bless you with dreams
of your lost ones gathering
in the garden of souls.

How fragile this existence is.
How tragic the loss
and how unfair.

I want our prayers
to bring them back to life.

~ Jehanzeb


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