Month: January 2010

Ya Hossein

Dearest Teacher,

A sudden cry of sorrow sprung from my heart
As my eyes saw the sky split in two
“Listen,” says the voice in a healing whisper
I hear the rain of Holy blood falling
In each drop, a Divine Verse is recited
Truth, Passion, Love, a Heavenly reminder:

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raje’un
From God do we come and to Him we return

I hear the mourning – O the mourning!
Of believing hearts and souls
Tears pouring and pouring
Trickling down your Heavenly-crafted faces
I close my eyes and listen and sway
I do not wish to see this fleeting life
Where do I turn, where do I go
What is the year? What is the month? What is the day?

Listen to the tears, listen to the rain
Let them remind you of Karbala’s great tragedy
Let them remind you of Hossein,
Son of Ali and beloved grandchild of Muhammad
Who stood boldly in the face of a thousand spears and swords
Unyielding to the inhumanity of a cruel and vicious tyrant
His people – believing men and women, utterly outnumbered
Enduring the blazing heat of the desert, deprived of food and water
He stood for them, out of his immense Love for the Compassionate Lord
In front of the enemy, he showed them his infant child – O the child!
His mouth so dry, so thirsty, and stomach so hungry
The cold-hearted one arrowed the infant child – O the child!
So hungry and thirsty!
Killed ruthlessly, in the first dawn of life!

O People – do you see Faith?
Hossein’s army of seventy-two against a tyrant’s thirty-thousand
O People – do you see Love?
Defenders of Islam opposed to the materialistic and selfish rule
Their blood spilled across the desert sands
O people – do you hear the Divine Verse?

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raje’un
From God do we come and to Him we return

In the Oneness of Love
Let my tears become that verse,
Let my tears become that Holy blood
In this rain of mourning, of sorrow, of remembrance
Flowers and plants are nourished, cemeteries grow gardens
The forgetful are awaken, the dead are alive
O People – who says the Prophet’s grandchildren were defeated?
Who says darkness consumed the faithful souls?
How disappointed the heartless tyrant was
For all he had was a corpse to sever
Despite his power, he could never harm the believer’s soul
O people – who says Hossein made no difference?

The Truth is revealed in the pages of the Holy Word:

“Think not of those who are slain in God’s Way as dead.
No, they live, finding their sustenance in the Presence of their Lord.”

Truly, these are Your words,
Dearest Teacher

~ Jehanzeb