Sixth Annual Brass Crescent Awards


Salaam everyone!

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a while (at least, it feels like it’s been a long time).  I’ve been super busy with my part-time job and my semester at college.  I was actually a guest speaker yesterday for an inter-cultural communications class that I took last year.  My professor invited me to speak about Islamophobia, stereotyping, and rationalizing prejudice.  I was so happy with the responses I received from the students.  They were attentive, they laughed at my jokes (lol), and they all asked questions.

One of the things I shared with them was how so many people don’t really know what Islam is.  So many people don’t know what Muslims really believe.  I told them Islam is an “Abrahamic faith,” and then asked, “Does anyone know what that means?”  Only a few people nodded, so I went ahead and explained how Muslims believe in the Prophets from the Torah, as well as Jesus and Mary (peace be upon them all).  I mentioned this fact to also point out how irrational and inaccurate it is for Islamophobes to speak about Islam as if it’s not aligned with Judeo-Christian values.  If you open the Qur’an, you’ll see more about Moses than any other Prophet.  Jesus is even mentioned more by name than Muhammad is.

A few people came to me after class and told me that they learned so much about Islam.  They Loved my presentation and asked some more questions regarding practices, as well as the diverse cultures within the Muslim community.  The coolest thing is that my professor is encouraging me to become a teacher and others in the classroom agreed with her.  It was certainly an honor to speak at her class and I’m even more honored that she thinks I should become a teacher.  We’ll see what happens down the road!

Anyway, I wanted to announce that the nominations for the 6th annual brass crescent awards are now open, so if you Love reading this blog, please take a moment to nominate me!  Some of you may know this, but my old blog won last year for my essays on Muslim women in comic books.  Maybe you can nominate “Muslim Reverie” for “Best New Blog”?  It’s up to you!  Just follow the link below:

Thank you all so much in advance!  Your comments and feedback really make a difference in everything that I do!  Peace, Love, and Light!

~ Jehanzeb


  1. Done! ie nominated for Best New Blog. Reason for nomination:

    Muslim Reverie has consistently high level posts: text, images, videos, and links. The topics are relevent to international relations in and with the Muslim world, and to national topics of Islamophobia and racism. The posts are articulate expositions on the deeper aspects of these sensitive issues.

    Jehanzeb is genuinely accepting of multiple points of view, and welcomes comments of sufficient length to adequately address the stimulating themes within each post. He explains patiently for the less well-informed, and adds to the better informed. He is generous with his accolades to others.

    Jehanzeb is an excellent blog moderator who does not tolerate personal attacks or prejudice in any form. He is a credit to the Pakistani-American community and to Islam.

  2. Salam, Jehanzeb!

    Just came across your wonderful blog and added it to my feed reader. =)

    You’re right about people’s knowledge about Islam. I was pretty appalled the other week when I overheard someone I know saying about a Pakistani man who asked her and some other people to pray for him, “But he believes in a different God, because he’s Muslim” I was like, “Are you kidding me?” and had to go on a rant explaining that Muslims believe in the same God as Jews and Christians, and then she said, “Oh, but Jews don’t believe in God, do they?” *facepalm* Seriously, what is the Old Testament then? Anyway, yeah, education is needed. I support you being a teacher! And best of luck in the Brass Crescent Awards. =D

    1. Wa salaam, Melinda :)

      Aw thank you! You’re most welcome to visit and read my blog!

      Yeah, even though there are over a billion Muslims in the world, people are still unfamiliar about Islam. I’ve heard that “different God” comment so many times before. We just have to keep doing our part — keep speaking up and keep educating. Thanks for your encouraging comments! I’m contemplating teaching as result of all the support I’ve been getting :)

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