11 thoughts on “Sexist Television Ads

  1. Hilarious indeed!

    They forgot to mention, “Men: spray yourself with deodorant, and attract every gorgeous woman around you (whilst keeping the fugly women away), because all attractive females are simply animals with no minds of their own, and no purpose other than to bonk you!”.

    Sigh… And we’re meant to be ‘evolved’ as a species, or something.

      1. It’s called “Lynx” here. I really don’t get how people tolerate their ads. I remember one female (Muslim) friend of mine thinking the ads were funny! Yet, she, being quite attractive herself, masha’Allah, doesn’t usually appreciate random idiots hitting on her… like, hello?!

        I recently saw a similar ad for a female deodorant. However, it’s a gorgeous woman (wearing the spray) attracting a gorgeous guy.

        I guess that is one reason to smell nice… but the Lynx ad is just STUPID.

  2. Very funny, and very true, except the man was too good looking an fit–men who are middle-aged balding short and fat think the same. But then again I guess that is the point, they all see themselves in the mirror as the guy in the ad (or advert, as the Brits say) 🙂

    1. haha!
      i had wanted to say something just like this.
      AND unfortunately it’s usually the case that women see themselves as having faults that they actually don’t, particularly when it comes to body image.
      I was so disturbed over the weekend when my friend who has had two kids yet perfect shape and looks at least 5 years younger than she is was making mean jokes about herself having belly fat. why do we do this to ourselves?!

      1. It has been proven scientifically that normal women, not just anorexics as was originally proven, see themselves as fatter than they are,

        One of the funniest groups are short, fat, balding, dark, wrong ethnicity, specialist surgeons/internists thinking they are the same as the tall, young, fit, muscular, blond, WASP, male, Adonis medical student they try to convince to do their specialty. So some Adonis dust will come their way? No, because as a female surgical trainee pointed out, they already think they look the same as their golden proteges! LOL 🙂

    2. LOL, yeah you’re right. Those shaving and “Axe” commercials are directed to younger men especially because their objective is to attract pretty girls and “score.” That’s the way men are socialized to be, anyway.

  3. Very true indeed. The sad thing is, we fall for it, and we wonder at the end of the day where our money has gone….. It’s not only a matter of money, of course, but it’s more of a matter of where we place our values and priorities…

  4. This was fantastic! I’ve said for years that if every female consumer on the planet woke up tomorrow secure, well-adjusted, content with her appearance and happy, the global economy would collapse in a matter of seconds. (Wow, that joke’s only funny when we’re not in a recession…)

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