Propaganda, Islamophobia, and Ethnic Cleansing


It feels so overwhelming to even take a glance at the news these days.  From the post-election protests in Iran and the recently released propaganda film, “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” to the drone attacks in Pakistan and the ethnic cleansing of Muslim Uyghurs in China, there is so much to discuss, report, and analyze.  I will share some of my thoughts on these issues soon, but in the meantime, check out these links for more details:

  • Muslimah Media Watch discusses how “The Stoning of Soraya M.” exploits human rights issues in Iran.  You can read the review by clicking here.
  • Joseph Shahadi has a great piece on his blog about Marwa Sherbini, an Egyptian-Muslim who was murdered in Germany after she sued a man for calling her a “terrorist.”  She was stabbed 18 times by the same man in a court room.  May Allah grant her peace and justice, insha’Allah.  Ameen.
  • Ethnic clashes in China between the Muslim Uyghur minority and the dominant ethnic group, the Han, reportedly resulted in 156 deaths, over 1,000 injured, and over 1,400 arrested. The fighting took place in Urumqi, the capital of the oil-rich Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region where the native Uyghurs have long charged the Han of discrimination and “silent ethnic cleansing.” Demonstrations in Urumqi initially began as a “protest over the government’s inaction following racially motivated killings of migrant Uyghur workers at a factory thousands of kilometers away in Guangdong, southern China.”
  • Rebiya Kadeer, an exiled Uyghur activist and political leader, is being blamed by Chinese authorities for the deadly riots, but she has denied any involvement.   “I didn’t have anything to do with these protests, but I love my people and they love me,” she said.  “So the Chinese naturally try to blame me.”  She also argued that the protests erupted into rioting because of the “heavy-handed policing.” Here’s a report from Al-Jazeera English:

One thought on “Propaganda, Islamophobia, and Ethnic Cleansing

  1. An excellent post with wonderful links that linked to wonderful links.

    I look forward to your own reactions when you post them.

    It seems a number of people missed out that between the first and second trials of Sherbini’s murderer, he had attempted to remove her headscarf resulting in assault charges, and the second trial. Thus it is a headscarf issue–although some have claimed it is a headscarf issue only as identifying her as Muslim. He also had no qualms stating his hatred of Muslims under oath in court–so he was in fact attacking Islam as manifested by Sherbini, a neighbour whom he had harassed and threated verbally many times. Thus it wasn’t just a personal attack, as some have claimed.

    The courtroom police initially thought her husband was the attacker, because of his appearance, ie Egyptian not Germanic as was the murderer, a recent immigrant from Russia of German descent. Many people in Eastern Europe looking for a better economic life discover their long lost German descent as a lever to immigrate to Germany.

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